Termite treatment with motor oil


I heard you can use motor oil to treat for termites. If I place used motor oil around my house will it help keep termites away? Any idea what the rate might be and if this treatment will actually work?

Besides breaking the law (you’re not allowed to pour waste oil into the ground) there is no evidence to suggest such a treatment would work. It’s true that there have been some cases where wood has been treated with motor oil which proved to prevent termites from eating it once treated. But chemically treating the ground (dirt) is a lot different than treating wood. It would take a lot of oil to treat the ground and the consequences would be devasting to the environment around the house. I strongly suggest you do not attempt such a treatment. The good news is that the proper products designed for this application are now reasonably priced and quite effective. I suggest you review our Termite Treatment article for more details where you will learn what chemical options you now have that are effective.

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