Do swarming termites mean I have a problem?


Is it possible that they have not infested the house; that they are swarming just like bees looking for a place to nest? I’m only seeing the winged termites in my kitchen and no workers (white ones).

In all likelihood you have a problem. As explained in our TERMITE CONTROL ARTICLE, termites will release swarmers or reproductives from their most active locations. These termites are essentially males and females leaving an existing colony or active location with the sole purpose to be forming a new colony. Swarmers aren’t equipped to prepare escape tunnels and pathways out and away from their nest and instead rely on workers to build such pathways. This means if you’re seeing them in the home, workers have been or are still there. In other words: you have termites.

At this time I suggest you review our article. If you decide this might be a treatment you’ll be willing to attempt, give us a call with any questions and I’m sure we can assist.

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