How do you treat flying termites?


I’ve got flying termites swarming in my house and they won’t stop. Everyday we have hundreds of them flying around the house and I want to kill them all!! What can I use to treat them?

Treating flying termites is pretty easy. As explained in our termite control article, flying termite swarmers aren’t strong and they don’t live long. Use our Baygon Aerosol to treat them. It’s fast working and easy to use.

In the wild, most all of the flying termites sent out to swarm will die. In the home, the easiest thing to do is to vacuum up all you find. But while they’re active, you should try to learn where they are coming from. Is it a wall or crack in the floor where they are emerging? This will be important when it comes time to treat. If you identify termite tubes where they are coming from, getting the home treated as explained in our termite control article will be important so the home doesn’t get bad termite damage. When this treatment is done, above soil treatments can be accomplished with some Baygon Aerosol which is good to use anywhere the termites are emerging. This is a good product to use on flying termites as it will kill them quickly and stop the relentless swarms.


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