number of termite queens in nest

Do you know what the average number of termite queens are in a termite nest? They’re swarming at my house and I’ve been killing them everyday but they just keep coming. How long do they come out?

In fact most termite colonies will generate male and female swarmers most springs which are sometimes called kings and queens. But the females aren’t real queens; at least not yet. They will have to pair off successfully and start a new colony for this to happen and it’s not that easy to do.

More importantly, if you are seeing that many at your house and it hasn’t been treated recently, you need to have the problem addressed. Termites swarming in or around the home is a sure sign of a problem that needs attention. I suggest you read through our TERMITE CONTROL ARTICLE and decide if want to treat this problem yourself or hire a service company. Failure to do anything would be a mistake – especially if you’re seeing them inside the home.

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