termite problem in post and rail fence


We have a post-and-rail fence dividing our backyard garden from the lawn (total of 8 posts).  Termites have invaded the posts and even the rails.  What would be the most efficient way to kill these pests?


Termites will readily attack wood or other cellulose material which is both vulnerable and readily available. Fence posts buried in the ground are generally prime targets and should always be treated prior to installation or else termites will surely find them at some point in time. It sounds like that time has arrived for your fence but that doesn’t mean the fencing is all bad; just because you see termites it doesn’t mean there is significant damage. A good treatment when termites are first detected can many times keep them away for good and save the targeted wood from being replaced.

Ideally the soil should be treated prior to the fence poles being installed. If they’re already in the ground, you can usually treat them by removing some dirt around the base of the pole and loosening up the soil enough so a good liquid treatment will soak down to where the termites are gaining access. This means a good soil drenching will be required. Most labels like that on CYPER TC TERMITE CONCENTRATE will list 1.5 gallons of mixed product per foot of pole buried. So if the poles are 4 feet down, you’ll need to use 6 gallons of mixed product to get a good treatment in place.

For more information on how to treat around the home or other structures, refer to our TERMITE CONTROL ARTICLE which covers most of what you’ll need to know about this destructive pest. If you have more questions about termites, please give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290 and one of our tech reps will be able to further assist.

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August 21, 2011

guest @ 6:32 pm #

We are replacing a few sections of the neighbors fence, sharing our back yard, and saw LIVE, crawling about, termites all in the rotting fence. Should I wait to remove the fence until the large trash pick-up in about three weeks so they can haul it right off or pull the fence now. It will lay in the front yard for three weeks waiting for big trash pickup. Next, should I treat the ground in some way? I absolutely cannot afford a professional. Do I treat before I move the fence? I don’t know if that will disturb them. The house, before I bought it, was treated for termites as one can see where the concrete spots are. My 19 year old son is capable but I don’t know where to start or which to do first. Thank you for your help.

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