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I have termites in several branches of my non-fruiting olive tree (40+ years old). The infested branches are dying. I was looking for a solution and came across the info for your Termidor product and wondered if I could pour this diluted product around the tree base? That way, the roots would pick it up and ingest it into the wood, thus having its effect on killing the termites. Would this work to save this beautiful olive tree? I could also spray some on the outside bark of the tree – would that help? Would it harm the tree??

Spray the tree bark, branches and limbs with DOMINION 2L. Its a slow working “non repellent” that won’t spook the termites. But once they get some on them, they’ll transfer it to other members of their colony which in turn will kill all of them..

Termites, carpenter ants and other wood destroying pests will many times target trees. Over time their gnawing, digging and eating will affect the healthiest of trees. Give the galleries a good flush of the treatment and slowly “drench” the base of the tree with a few gallons of mixed product to insure it gets down into the soil. This way termites traveling in and out of the tree will be exposed and ultimately this will kill the colony.

Dominion can also be used as a systemic. This way any other pest that might want to “feed” on the tree could be controlled by soil drenching with mixed solutions. The amount you’ll need will vary on the width of the tree trunk. And it will take a good 1-2 months for the treatment to make its way throughout the tree. But in the long run, this will provide the best overall protection.







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