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I am looking at Boracare for attic treatment – my attic is pretty big approx 60 ft x 50 and when I am standing up it is 7 to 8 ft higher at the peak. Looking and reading about your product says a fogger can be used for this type of application. I talked to some people and they suggested the boracare isn’t the right product to use for fogging. Need some help with this as it seems to be the perfect non-toxic answer to my termite problem. Thanks for your help!!! Eric

If you review our TERMITE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we list BORACARE as a good product to use for above ground treatments. Because of it’s long term residual action and deep penetrating quality, Boracare treated wood can remain pest free for many years. This is especially true when using it inside home wall voids, crawl spaces and attics where the treatment space is protected from the outside elements.

Additionally, if you refer to the BORACARE LABEL, you’ll learn there are three methods of applying it which are all generally accepted. The most common is using a PUMP SPRAYER. This is the preferred method for spraying open areas like decks, wood floors and open spaces where run off would not be a concern. The inside of wall voids would be tough to spray unless the wall is opened up so for these locations, FOAMING TOOLS are commonly employed. The use of foam as a carrier insures better coverage and therefore better results in tight spaces where accessibility is limited. Lastly, open areas like attic spaces with a lot of exposed wood out of reach are commonly fogged with MISTING MACHINES. This application is the preferred method because it will both deliver the product “lightly” so the amount of run off is easy to control as well as make the application easy to manage. When misting you’re able to limit both waste and puddling that might otherwise leak through ceilings to living spaces below.

Based on your description of the area needing to be treated, I would recommend misting the space for the reasons cited above. Though spraying is an option, you’d have to cover the floor (which is usually wide open insulated areas) due to the extensive run off to insure it won’t leak into the spaces below. Additionally, the amount of waste when spraying upwards is always significant and therefore adds to the overall cost of material quite a bit. Lastly, misting is much easier and better suited to achieve better results so in the long run, it will prove the best way to treat this area. The only application method which can compare is if you opted to get long EXTENSION POLES and paint rollers and choose to roll the Boracare onto the overhead beams. Though a viable option, it too can be both messy and time consuming compared to misting.

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