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I have read your website but am not totally sure what I need to treat my house for drywood termites.
The areas of infestation are  wood beams approximately 1 foot thick and 10 feet long,  they’re in the walls in a few places.

I’d like to speak with someone before I place my order to as this is first time I’ve tried to do it myself.
I think I’d need 1 jug of Termidor and some foamicide.   I have an electric drill and awesome I will have to buy a long very narrow drill bit to drill holes in the wood beams to fill them up with foamicide.

Drywood termite treatment needs to be done at key locations. Typically this is where they are nesting. It sounds like you know at least one of these locations and with the right tools, you should be able to get the nest directly. Access holes will be needed and if you can flood the area with TERMIDOR by using our LIQUID FOAMER, you should be able to get the product where it most needs to be.

Please give us a call at 1.800.877.7290 this Monday and ask for Mike or Chad. I’m sure they’ll be able to further assist and enable you to do this job yourself. Taking the the time to learn just what you need to use and where to apply it will enable you to do the job right. I’m sure we can assist you in accomplishing this goal.

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