winged ants or termites swarming


I’m seeing winged ants or termites swarming around an old dead tree stump. This stump is around 20 feet from my house and I haven’t seen any in the house but I’m worried. Do I need to treat the stump and what amount my house?

First, it is always best to know if they are ants or termites swarming from the tree stump. We have a lot of details on how you can tell the difference in our Termite Control Article.

Second, if the house hasn’t been treated in the past 5 years, it’s always wise to get it protected whether those are ants or termites swarming. A good treatment is the best way to keep them out and if you haven’t had one done recently, either hire a service to do some work or get some of the Termidor and do the job yourself.

Lastly, leaving the termites or ants to feed on the old stump may be prudent. Some people believe that letting them eat something old and not important is Ok. This way they aren’t looking for another food supply which could lead them to your home. We tend to agree with this philosophy but we also believe it’s best to take a proactive stance and get the home treated too.

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