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I was looking through your website and hope you can help me. I have an heirloom bow front cabinet that has termite damage on one of the legs. What product would you suggest for repair of this damage to ensure that I don’t bring any pests into my house. The cabinet is still at my mother’s house.

Thanks for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you take some time to read through our TERMITE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see mention of a product called BORACARE. This product is ideally suited for treating free standing pieces of furniture. It soaks into the grain of the wood and once embedded, wood destroying insects like termites and beetles won’t stand a chance at surviving. If they attempt to feed on the wood, they’ll quickly die. Treatments can last many years and it’s both odorless and safe.

Alternatively, you can opt to use the JECTA GEL. It’s essentially Boracare but as a gel you are able to apply it quite differently. For some treatments this alternative form is better suited.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Termite Control Article:  https://www.termites-swarming.com/termite-control

Boracare:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page234.html

Jecta Gel: http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page156.html

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